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       Let's Talk -- Radio for Women

Let's Talk can now be heard on
Saturday mornings and evenings at 10:00 (eastern time)

Program Schedule

February 25              Guest is Staci Claunch, a veteran of the U.S. Navy who
                               did tours of duty in Iraq & Afghanistan.  We'll cover
                               background material on the Song of Solomon

March 4                    Guest is Dr. Jessica Rhodes who shares her ministry
                               through veterinary medicine.  We'll study Chapter One of
                               the Song of Solomon.

March 11                  Guest is Toni Shockey who works as a chaplain in a men's        
                               prison.  We'll study Chapter Two of the Song of Solomon

March 18                  Guest is Amy Mackrill.  Amy and her husband and daughters
                               will soon be going on the mission field in Romania.  We'll study
                               Chapter Three of the Song of Solomon.

March 25                  Guest is Bro. Lynn Baxter, pastor and patrol chaplain for local
                               sheriff's office.  We'll study Chapter Four of Song of Solomon.

Let's Talk is also available on Blog Talk Radio.  Currently on BTR, we are featuring variety of  devotionals and lectures on particular passages and subjects written specifically for Christian women.  Our studies are written in the question and answer format so, not only will you learn from God's Word, you will also learn how to improve your study habits. 

Our programs are available on demand at any time convenient for you.  Anywhere you are able to access the internet, you can listen to one of our programs.   

               New programs are added frequently so check back often. 

Listen to one of our many programs currently available on Let's Talk by clicking these links:

An Overview of the Book of Job             
Running time:  24 minutes

Let's Talk About Psalms 1                   Let's Talk About Psalms 2
Running time:  20:38                           Running time:  21:17

Let's Talk About Psalms 3                   Let's Talk About Psalms 4
Running time:  20:34                           Running time:  19:49

Let's Talk About Psalms 5                   Let's Talk About My Personal Testimony

Running time:  22:38                           Running time:  16:27

Let's Talk About How to Study the Bible Pt 1
Running time: 27:46

Let's Talk About How to Study the Bible Pt 2
Running time:  29:07

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