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Letís Talk, our online radio program for Christian women.  

Join us for this informative, uplifting program designed especially for Christian women.

Let's Talk can now be heard on Enlightened Walk Radio Saturdays 10:00 EDT/9:00 CDT (a.m. & p.m.)

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Welcome to the House of Joy Ministries website!  This site is devoted to aiding Christian women in their Bible study and spiritual growth.   Our name, House of Joy, is based on the acronym for Jesus, Others, and You.  We try to make this the
priority for our lives, and it is the philosophy of our ministry,
Jesus first, Others second, Yourself third.

On our site, you'll find study materials written especially for Christian women. In addition, we offer opportunities for seminars, children's Bible programs, and other helpful information.  Look for full details about our offerings on the following pages.  We invite you to visit our blog through this website
 for our frequent devotionals and comments.  You're also invited to study with us on our online radio broadcast.
See below for details.

House of Joy is the ministry of Nancy Baxter.  Nancy is the  wife of Pastor Lynn Baxter and a member of Center Fork Missionary Baptist Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  She and Lynn have two children and four grandchildren. Since 1982, Nancy has written a number of Bible study courses and programs for women and children, including Bible QUIZlympics, A Study of the Book of Job from a Woman's Perspective; and Hid in My Heart, a method for scripture memorization .  She has also taught many seminars and retreats.     When faced with the possibility of hosting   an online radio program, Nancy jumped at this opportunity for ministry to Christian women.   Learn more on the following pages of this website.    

Let's Talk

is  an online radio program for Christian women.  Be part of our program
as we study and discuss the books of the Bible.    You will also enjoy our
interviews with Christian around the world and hearing of their
ministries and service to our Lord Jesus Christ.

By being part of our listening audience, you become a real part of the program.
Your questions and comments are welcomed through this site.
This is the womenís ministry youíve waited for!

Letís Talk broadcasts each Saturday
10:00 eastern time (a.m./p.m.) on     

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